Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Our Journey Began as a One Man Show…

Our founder and Chicago resident, Jim Johnson, is a serial entrepreneur. He’s an inventor, a discoverer; the pursuit to build a better world is never far from his mind. As a black & handicapped US army veteran, Jim has experienced all of the beauty and challenges our world has set before us. These experiences are part of what drives Jim to want to educate and bring basic good health and nutrition information and products to all communities. 

It’s that mindset that helped us build I.E. Green Tea. Jim was spending a considerable amount of time in China. Impressed with the health and vitality of the people he encountered in his travels, Jim noticed one thing that everyone had in common… they all drank vast amounts of green tea daily!

Naturally, Jim began to question why so much green tea was being consumed in China and was surprised to learn that green tea has a 5,000-year history of providing some pretty astounding health benefits. The more he learned and explored, Jim became interested in manufacturing the perfect tea. Working with farmers and producers, he invented a system that allows us to maximize the health benefits of tea and pass on health to our customers. It wasn’t done in just a day, but trial and error over decades of building friendship in the pursuit of perfect tea, genius manufacturing and the desire to share health through Chinese medicine.