Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Our Journey Began as a One Man Show…

Our founder, Jim Johnson, is a serial entrepreneur. He is an inventor and the pursuit to build a better world is never far from his mind. Jim is a black American, a US Army veteran, and a Viet Nam combat veteran. He has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of the United States and the world at large. Nevertheless, Jim has never lost the ability to see a better future for everyone and to take the necessary risks to achieve a better future for us all. 


Jim’s experiences are part of what drives him to educate consumers about basic good health and nutrition and to bring innovative, healthful products to all communities. It’s that mindset that set us on course to build I.E. Green Tea, the best antioxidant green tea beverage on the market. Impressed with the health and vitality of the people he encountered in his travels through Asia, Jim noticed one thing that everyone had in common . . . they all drank vast amounts of green tea daily!


Naturally, Jim began to question why so much green tea was consumed throughout Asia and was surprised to learn that green tea has a 5,000-year history of providing some pretty astounding health benefits. The more he learned and explored, the more Jim became interested in manufacturing the best green tea possible. Working with farmers and producers, he developed a unique system to produce the best antioxidant green tea and maximize the health benefits of pure green tea. 


But, let’s back up a bit and start with green tea. Green tea boasts a plethora of benefits from steady and consistent energy to cancer fighting compounds that science still does not fully understand. We may not understand all of the wherefores and whatnots but there is no doubt that green tea is chock full of health benefits.


One of the first things Jim noticed during his travels was that Asians tended to live very long and healthy lives. Could green tea hold some of the answers to this impressive health and longevity? Indeed, it does!


Green tea contains polyphenols which are strong antioxidants, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), that can neutralize potentially cancer-causing free radicals. Jim worked to develop a process that produces the best antioxidant green tea on the market, I.E. Green Tea. Our green tea contains at least 300mg of antioxidants per serving and is the best green tea for easily consuming the 650mg of polyphenols scientific research has determined should be our target consumption. In fact, studies have shown that people who consume 650mg of polyphenols per day have a significantly lower risk of death than folks who consume less than 500mg. Clearly, Jim is on to something with high antioxidant I.E. Green Tea! 


Drinking green tea has also been shown to help soothe skin irritations and pure green tea can also be applied directly to the skin to help calm inflammation. Furthermore, natural green tea can help reduce acne and other dermatitis conditions. Jim realized that the benefits of green tea, however, extended beyond soothing irritation and reducing acne; Jim learned that drinking high antioxidant green tea could help prevent melanoma as well as non-melanoma skin cancers. Our condensed green tea is full of the EGCGs that provide these impressive benefits. One convenient serving in 2 pre-brewed, liquid tea packets provides 300mg of cancer-fighting antioxidants. Apply the contents of one tea packet directly to the problem area twice daily and drink two tea packets with hot or cold water with every meal for best results.


As noted above, people who regularly consume green tea every day have a lower risk of death. In fact, a Japanese study of 40,000 healthy individuals between the ages of 40 and 79 found that those who drank five cups or more of green tea per day lived longer than those who only drank one cup per day. Jim has come up with I.E. Green Tea that delivers the equivalent of fourteen cups of green tea in one serving of our high antioxidant green tea.


The more Jim researched, the more he learned about the amazing benefits of green tea. He knew he had to bring this fantastic product to a larger consumer base. Jim realized that most of us are far too busy to brew 14 to 15 cups of green tea every day so, in conjunction with tea farmers and other tea experts, he developed a condensed, liquid tea that easily disperses in water and other food stuffs and comes in convenient tea packets that you can take almost anywhere.  Including I.E. Green Tea in you regular diet can help burn an added 3% to 4% more calories per day.


Jim also learned that green tea has been shown to improve memory and may even play a role in preventing dementia. Green tea not only contains caffeine, which research has shown to improve mood, vigilance, reaction time, and memory, but also and amino acid called L-theanine. One of the many wonderful things about caffeinated green tea is that while the caffeine provides all of the brain boosting benefits, the L-theanine helps to reduce anxiety. The caffeine and L-theanine found in green tea work together and can exceptionally improve overall brain function.  


While there is almost certainly still much to learn about the benefits of green tea, Jim also discovered that drinking four to five cups of green tea per day can help achieve a 20% reduction in the risk of stroke because the EGCGs in green tea help regulate blood pressure and regulate blood flow. In fact, a Japanese study of more than 80,000 individuals demonstrated this amazing effect of green tea.


This is sounding more and more like a miracle food and Jim dearly wanted to make the world aware of all these benefits. I.E. Green Tea provides all of the health benefits of high antioxidant green tea in convenient, pre-brewed, liquid green tea packets. It wasn’t an easy task and one that required vision, dedication, and decades of focused work. The result is the best antioxidant green tea beverage available on the market today, I.E. Green Tea. 


Jim did not stop with merely the best antioxidant green tea. No, he decided to include fruit flavors to reach an even larger group of consumers. I.E. Green Tea certainly offers pure unsweetened green tea but we also offer green tea in three delicious, slightly sweetened fruit flavors: peach green tea, lemon green tea, and raspberry green tea. Enjoy the great taste of I.E. Green Tea in hot or cold water, sparkling water, or virtually any food stuff and reap the myriad health benefits associated with green tea.


Quite frankly, I.E. Green Tea is the very best green tea for antioxidants and is a great green tea energy drink – after all, the “I.E.” in I.E. Green Tea stands for “Intelligent Energy”!