Farm Cultivated

Grown in the Wuyi Mountains, Brewed with Spring Water

The Wuyi Mountain Range is one of the most beautiful areas in southeastern China. The Wuyishan Nature Reserve is characterized and enjoyed for its many canyons, rich forests, vegetation, waterfalls, and animals. The Wuyishan Nature Reserve is a must visit site for anyone into nature and wildlife.

Wuyi teas are often called “rock teas”  because of the unique landscape of the mountainsides where they grow. Tea grown in this rocky region is highly valued due to the rich minerals in the soil. Because region typically produces a lower yield, rock tea is scarce and can be quite costly. Older bushes producing tea leaves are also expensive and low quantity. Da Hong Pao, is a collector of  what are thought to be the original rock tea bushes. His collection is amongst the most expensive teas in the world.