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Choose I.E. Green Tea for Superior Antioxidant Intake and Guaranteed Purity 100% Natural Green Tea

4 Flavors With or Without Caffeine - Can't Choose? Try our Variety Pack!


Iced Tea Lover

  • Anytime is iced tea time
  • Abandoned coffee & never looked back
  • Nerds out about the perfect brew
  • Wouldn’t get polyphenols any other way
  • Variety Box, of course

Busy Bee

  • Kids, work, sleep, repeat
  • Craves a daily health boost
  • Can pour liquid tea packet while texting
  • Needs mental clarity for that 3 p.m. meeting
  • All, All, All the Green Tea

Health Enthusiast

  • Counts steps & antioxidants for fun
  • Needs natural energy
  • Hoards I.E. packets in car, work & gym bag
  • Spots fake ingredients a mile away

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High Antioxidant Green Tea - Minimum 300mg of antioxidants. 1 serving of I.E. Green Tea is equivalent to 14 cups traditional green tea.

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Hydrate and refresh with clean, healthy energy instead of sugary energy. natural energy green tea.

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Our tea is hand-picked in the field and brewed with natural spring water to produce our organic green tea packets.

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I.E. Green Tea is 100% clean, never dried, never stored. Taste the difference with our natural organic green tea.

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*per - Premium brand green tea bags are 21 mg per tea bag steeped in 250ml of boiling water for 5 minutes

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Organic Green Tea Instant Green Tea Packets

We believe that our green tea is the best organic green tea on sale today, an instant green tea that comes pre-brewed in pure organic green tea packets.

I.E. Green Tea is available in original green tea, peach green tea, citrus lemon green tea and our famous raspberry green tea. I.E stands for "Inteligent Energy Tea."

You can choose from caffeinated or decaffeinated green tea, our organic decaf green tea has a very low caffeine content, yet is a high egcg green tea with more antioxidants per serving than Morning Matcha Classic Organic 1.6-gram standard serving.

ie organic

Energy green tea
Best Green Tea For Eergy

Energy Green Tea

Green tea helps the brain in many ways. One of the fascinating ways it affects the brain is that it helps combat drowsiness and helps with the production of dopamine and other neural transmitters associated with focus, attention, and memory.

It is also effective at regulating and modulating blood sugar levels, helping to avoid energy peaks and sugar crashes.

I.E stands for “Intelligent Energy". It is like a green tea energy drink full of natural goodness. Energizing green tea in instant green tea packets are simply the best green tea for energy.

Best Green Tea for Antioxidants

Our antioxidant green tea is among the healthiest green teas available today. Our high antioxidant green teas are full of natural plant-based antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It is said that green tea, especially organic green tea, offers a wealth of potential health benefits.

Green tea antioxidants fight free radicals which are the unhealthy atoms in our bodies.

Because our tea is the highest antioxidant and EGCG content green tea available, it provides health benefits that may help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, helping to maintain a healthy heart & cardiovascular system. Our green tea contains at least 300mg of antioxidants and that’s about the same as 14 cups of the most popular green tea bags.

Highest antioxidant green tea containing more antioxidants per serving than Morning Matcha Green Tea.

Green tea antioxidants jpg
Highest Antioxidant Green Tea
Organic green tea
Best Organic Green Tea

Organic Green Tea USDA Certified

Pure organic green tea in instant tea packets. Our tea is a natural green tea grown in mineral rich mountains and picked at the peak of harvest.

We use only the highest quality green tea leaves that are from young camellia sensis plants (tea plants.) The young plant that is just ready for harvest produces the best organic green tea. This is the same harvest process as matcha green tea.

USDA certified organic green tea with nothing added, no chemicals, no sugar and zero calories, pre brewed and ready to drink tea containing only pure green tea and natural spring water.

Our peach, raspberry and lemon green tea are slightly sweetened with natural stevia keeping our teas 100% organic and calorie free.

Try our organic decaf green tea or caffeinated green tea for an organic energy boost every day.

Green Tea Packets

Instant green tea packets pre-brewed, concentrated, and ready to drink There’s no hassle, no mess, and no steeping.

Our instant green tea packets eliminate any bags, steeping or brewing, easy pourable liquid green tea packets, pre made and ready to be poured into hot, cold or sparkling water any time and anywhere for instant green tea on the go.

The ideal green tea packets for water bottles. No other green tea brand offers pre-brewed concentrated liquid organic green tea packets.

Our green teas are great for a quick source of natural plant-based energy right after a workout, the ideal pre workout or post work out energy drink.

Available in original green tea, lemon, peach and raspberry green tea flavors - decaffeinated or caffeinated, the choice is yours. This is not cold brew green tea. This is instant green tea ready to drink - no brewing for hot or iced green teas.

Green tea packets
Instant Green Tea Packets Ready Brewed Simply Add To Water

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