I.E. Means Intelligent Energy

Fueled by Green Tea, I.E. Green Tea provides a natural and organic green solution for sustained energy, focus and health.

Focus and Energy


When you want fuel for the hustle, I.E. Green Tea’s natural caffeine and theanine provide hours of elevated energy and focus without jitters or the crash you get from coffee.

Amazing Antioxidants


You work hard and can’t do down time. I.E. Green Tea’s big antioxidant punch contains up to 57x the competition. You have enough battles to fight, we keep you in the game.

Organic and Natural


Natural matters. I.E. Green Tea uses only the best – simple and natural, provides flavor, energy and health benefits. Our tea only comes from USDA Organic certified tea ranches.

Roasted and Brewed


Nature has the keys to success, but you have to lock them in right away. We flash roast immediately after picking and brew at the ranch for maximum nutrition, taste and consistency.



I.E. Green Tea, a healthy and tasty, focus and energy drink, for health-conscious, on-the-go people!

Anytime, anywhere, any water container, any water temperature, faster than ‘instant’ and better for you than old-fashioned tea bags or dehydrated powders.


The full potency of natural green tea delivered from farm to you in liquid concentrate 100% intact as nature created it. And it’s tasty!

I.E. Green Tea Now Available on Amazon Prime


Need to add some I.E. Green Tea to those Amazon orders showing up at your door daily? Now you can!
You can now find I.E. Green Tea on Amazon, including being added to Prime orders to conveniently add this to your orders. Click on the Amazon logo or the link below to go to our listings there.



I.E. Means Instant Enjoyment


Faster than ‘instant’ and 1/2 the price of bottled. It’s the purest form of natural green tea, delivered a better way!


You shouldn’t have to struggle through afternoon blahs and you can avoid the guilt of turning to unhealthy ‘energy’ drinks.


Our founder and his Chinese friends created a better way to deliver the ‘ancient Chinese secret’ of green tea in an even more powerful form, a liquid-tea concentrate with up to 57 times the antioxidant power of an old-fashioned cup of green tea.


A super healthy pick-me-up for health-conscious, on-the-go people!
No steeping dehydrated tea leaves, just tear, pour and enjoy!
Start feeling good and feeling good about feeling good!

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