Is Green Tea Good for Diabetes?

Clay RiversJune 08, 2022

Is Green Tea Good for Diabetes? As described in more detail below, the answer to the question, “Is green tea good for diabetes?” is clearly “Yes!” and we are confident that you will find I.E. Green Tea to be a valuable part of a healthy lifestyle. All of out teas are completely natural and organic, have at least 300 mg of antioxidants per serving, contain no sugar, and are calorie-free. Whether or not you suffer with diabetes, adding I.E. Green Tea to your daily routine will provide an immunity enhancing boost of antioxidants without adding sugar or calories to your diet.

Amica Tea In The News

John RobbinsDecember 16, 2021

Want to know a little more about the people behind I.E. Green Tea Liquid Green Tea Packets?  Check out this article about our CEO, David Stone. There is so much more to I.E. Green Tea than just the amazing health benefits of organic green tea.   Interested in starting your...

Benefits of Peach Green Tea

David StoneDecember 02, 2021

Over the past couple of years, many people have woken up to the many benefits of peach green tea. Even with the popularity growing, most people are still unaware of what peach green tea is and how it can significantly improve their health. Most people reading this article are already...

Matcha Green Tea Vs Green Tea

David StoneJanuary 20, 2021

Did you ever wonder what the difference is between Matcha green tea powder and green tea? This is a question that we are asked time after time. The two teas both come from the same plant the camellia sinensis plant which is the plant that most teas come from.