Raspberry Green Tea - Natural & Organic Liquid Tea Packets (8 servings per box)


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Raspberry Green Tea Organic Instant Raspberry Tea Packets Box of 8 Packets.

Simply the best instant raspberry green tea in instant green tea packets. Our teas are certified organic by the USDA and are bursting with natural organic goodness.

Stunningly healthy organic green tea combined with organic red raspberry’s pre brewed with natural spring water.

Natural raspberry is a super fruit and combined with our high antioxidant green tea is a rich source of natural vitamins, minerals EGCG’s and free radical fighting antioxidants.

This is not just tea, this is I.E organic raspberry green tea, which has the highest antioxidant content per serving of any green teas on the market today.

You have to try our raspberry green tea to experience the organic goodness of fruit flavored green tea from all organic and natural sources.

Natural Green Tea and Natural Organic Raspberry Slightly Sweetened With Natural Stevia.

I.E. Green Tea is suitable for diabetics, ideal for calorie-controlled diets, suited to the keto diet, and is both a vegetarian and vegan-friendly green tea energy drink.

Our tea is USDA Certified Organic and natural containing around 300mg of antioxidants per serving. Caffeinated varieties contain around 45 mg of caffeine per serving. (Decaffeinated versions have only trace amounts of caffeine)

Each green tea box contains 8 packets of concentrated, pre-brewed green tea.
No calories, no sugar, no chemicals, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners, it is pure organic green tea, natural spring water, organic red raspberries and natural stevia.

I.E. Green Tea Means Intelligent Energy Green Tea.

Our tea provides a natural and organic green solution for sustained energy, focus and health.

Green tea helps you to maintain focus, clarity and energy levels, the natural caffeine in organic green tea, combined with theanine found naturally in the camellia sinensis plant which is the plant that we get tea from keeps you energized and focused.

High Antioxidant Green Tea

I.E. Green Tea is the highest antioxidant green tea available today, the same antioxidant boost that you would get from 14 cups of the most popular green tea bags. Our tea also contains more EGCG’s and catechins (antioxidants) than Matcha Source Morning Matcha, in fact almost double, see the chart below...

Brand of Green Tea


Catechin MG

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I.E. Green Tea Decaffeinated Packets




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Matcha Source Morning Matcha Classic Organic (1.6 grams)




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Organic And Natural Green Tea

All ingredients in our teas are natural and totally organic from renewable sources, we care about our environment and ensure that our teas come from natural sustainable organic tea ranches.

Instant Green Tea

Most green teas have to be brewed from tea bags, or steeped, powdered green teas such as Matcha has to be sifted, added to hot water and whisked, not I.E. Green tea, it is ready to drink, simply add to hot or cold water, stir and drink. The ideal green tea for water bottles and green tea on the go.

I.E. Green Tea’s Raspberry Green Tea is pure, delicious, antioxidant-rich green tea that provides plant-based energy- anytime, anywhere.