Our Journey

30 Years In Pursuit Of Tea

We knew we could do better. So, we set out on a mission to create I.E. Green Tea…

We worked side-by-side with tea experts to find ways to process tea leaves without using harmful chemicals. Our tea leaves are roasted fresh, as soon as they are picked, to preserve as many antioxidants as possible. We even brew our tea in pure spring water.

But that’s not all. We test every batch of I.E. Green Tea to ensure that every single convenient, pre-brewed serving packet contains an impressive 300mg of antioxidants. And, our tea is grown on certified organic, pristine mountain farms, and sweetened with natural stevia, so it’s entirely calorie-free.

The end results? Pure, delicious, antioxidant-rich green tea that provides plant-based energy- anytime, anywhere. Drink it hot or cold… mix it into your yogurt or a smoothie… I.E. Green Tea is pre-brewed, concentrated, and sold in hassle-free, single-serving packets.