Sparkling Green Tea Hard Seltzer

Healthful Drinking? Add meaningful antioxidants to that cocktail!

David StoneMarch 08, 2021

I was always taught that it is OK to take in some extra calories and perhaps a nice cocktail once in a while. As long as we enjoy in moderation. These days with so many options and a focus on lower carb, lower calorie beverages it is hard to know what's actually good for you. With brand offerings from craft brews to hard seltzers bombarding us with ads about "mindful drinking", we thought that we might present an even better way to imbibe with not just a lower calorie or carb intake, but to actually add some meaningful antioxidants to your libation. I.E. Green Tea packets are pre-brewed liquid condensed organic teas that boast 300 mg of antioxidants in each packet. That is like getting the health benefit of 14 cups of green tea from tea bags. So, we thought we'd introduce the IEGT Hard Seltzer. 



  • 1 Packet of IEGT (any flavor)
  • 16 oz of Sparkling Water
  • 2 oz of Vodka or Gin 



  1.  Fill tall glass with ice
  2.  Add Vodka or Gin
  3.  Pour sparkling water over ice
  4.  Add liquid from the IEGT packet
  5.  Add your Vodka or Gin
  6.  Add any garnish (mint, lemon, lime, etc.)