Sparkling Green Tea Hard Seltzer

Healthful Drinking? Add meaningful antioxidants to that cocktail!

David StoneMarch 08, 2021

I.E. Green Tea Hard Seltzer

I have always believed that it is OK to take in a few extra calories and, perhaps, a nice cocktail occasionally – as long as we enjoy in moderation. With zero calorie I.E. Green Tea it is easy to enjoy a cocktail and get an antioxidant boost at the same time.


These days with so many options and a focus on lower carb and lower calorie beverages it is hard to know what's good for you. With brand offerings from craft brews to hard seltzers bombarding us with ads about "mindful drinking", we thought that we might present an even better way to imbibe. Using zero calorie I.E. Green Tea as a flavor enhancer for your cocktails is a smart way to lower the calorie count in your cocktail as opposed to using colas, tonic water, or other mixers that typically have a high calorie count. However, reducing calorie content in your cocktail by using I.E. Green Tea is just getting us started. Replacing typical high (empty) calorie mixers with healthy I.E. Green Tea actually adds a meaningful amount of antioxidants to your libation, 300mg of antioxidants to be specific. 


I.E. Green Tea is pre-brewed liquid, condensed, natural green tea and is the best antioxidant green tea on the market, boasting 300 mg of antioxidants in each green tea packet – this makes I.E. Green Tea the best green tea! While our pure green tea is delicious as an unsweetened green tea beverage, we also offer slightly sweet, fruit flavored green tea: peach green tea, lemon green tea, and raspberry green tea. All of our fruit flavored green tea is sweetened with natural stevia that has been specifically formulated for use with I.E. Green Tea. This results in the very best antioxidant green tea with zero calories.


Our I.E. Green Tea comes in convenient tea packets that you can take virtually anywhere. Of course, our green tea is delicious when added to hot water or cold water and it is even better when added to sparkling water or seltzer as in the recipe below. So, while you can use I.E. Green Tea in your cocktail lower overall calories and to boost your cocktail with antioxidants to make it “healthy”, you can also use I.E. Green Tea to add valuable antioxidants to almost anything. Try making I.E. Green Tea a part of your morning to enhance the flavor of oatmeal or yogurt and increase the health benefits of those already healthy choices. 


Carry I.E. Green Tea with you and add it to your water when eating lunch or dinner (or breakfast, for that matter) at restaurants to avoid the inflated cost of sugary sodas and get the health benefits of our high antioxidant green tea with every meal. The benefits of green tea are myriad and include improved skin health (green tea may even help prevent skin cancer) and increased life span (studies have demonstrated that folks who drink green tea tend to live longer). Furthermore, adding regular consumption of green tea to your diet has also been linked to increased metabolism, improved brain function (memory and cognition), and a decreased risk of stroke (based on a Japanese study that included over 82,000 subjects).


Each serving of I.E. Green Tea contains a minimum 300mg of antioxidants which is roughly equivalent to getting the health benefit of 14 cups of green tea from regular tea bags without the time, effort, and mess required to brew tea from old-fashioned teabags.


Consider the recipe below as just a starting point. Experiment with our natural green tea or our fruit flavored green tea as suggested in the recipe but also consider using I.E. Green Tea with essentially any spirit or cocktail to enhance the flavor of the drink and to add those valuable antioxidants. Give I.E. Green Tea a try with sparkling wine to make a “healthy Bellini” using our peach green tea. Instead of Mimosas, use our lemon green tea or raspberry green tea with sparkling wine for an antioxidant filled and healthier twist.


The possibilities are endless when using I.E. Green Tea in your cocktails and are only limited by your imagination and taste preferences. Because I.E. Green Tea is the highest antioxidant green tea with 300mg of antioxidants in each serving and because I.E. Green Tea is so versatile that it can be used in virtually any libation (not to mention other drinks and food stuffs), we are convinced that I.E. Green Tea is absolutely the best green tea on the market. 


We would love to hear about your favorite ways to enhance cocktails (or anything else) with I.E. Green Tea and include your favorite recipes here for all to enjoy – responsibly, of course!


So, we thought we'd introduce the IEGT Hard Seltzer as a starting point: 



  • 1 Packet of IEGT (any flavor)
  • 16 oz of Sparkling Water
  • 2 oz of Vodka or Gin 



  1. 1.  Fill tall glass with ice
  2. 2.  Add Vodka or Gin
  3. 3.  Pour sparkling water over ice
  4. 4.  Add liquid from the IEGT packet
  5. 5.  Add your Vodka or Gin
  6. 6.  Add any garnish (mint, lemon, lime, etc.)