How do you make perfect tea?

Let us do the brewing!

Not only is I.E. Green Tea naturally perfected with 300mg of Antioxidants from organic green tea, it is super easy to make anywhere, anytime. We recently came across this article about how to make the perfect cup of tea. While the article provides great insights and are certain this makes for a lovely spot of tea, who has time for this process? Additionally, how do you know what level of antioxidants you are getting? When proper nutrition and health is a primary concern, don’t guess. We take the guess work out and can not only ensure you get your daily recommended dose of antioxidants in one packet of I.E. Green Tea, we also make it super easy. Simply Rip, Drip, and Sip. Pour our liquid condensed organic green tea into water – hot, cold, or even sparkling. That’s how we make the perfect cup of tea. Just as nature intended. Read the article here:

How do you make the perfect cup fo tea?

Let us do the Brewing!


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