The I.E. Way

Hustle Powered by Nature


The nature of hustle has changed. It’s not just about a physical workout, it’s what you do every day. From delivering high-energy performances on the go that earn you the new client, to succeeding with your side-hustle or to making sure you’ve got energy to get the kids to their three different events going two different ways after school, you need energy that lasts for hours, focus to keep vision of all you’re trying to accomplish and calm to perform under pressure.


I.E. Green Tea wants to support your efforts and keep you on the path to winning but, we want to make sure we do it the right way for your well-being. That’s why I.E. Green Tea is natural and organic, fueled by green tea that comes from ancient sources. We capture the most nutrition by farm fresh roasting and brewing the tea for the best taste, highest nutrition and greatest energy. We use only nature’s best ingredients including our flavors and zero calorie sweeteners for a naturally great taste. It makes sense, and it’s the right choice that keeps you going.

From the Original Sources

Our tea is grown in USDA Organic certified tea ranches within the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China and Wuling Mountains in Hunan Province, China. The Wuyi is considered by many to be the birthplace of tea as a beverage and these areas are renowned for producing the greatest teas in the world. We select only the best for I.E. Green Tea and test each batch to ensure consistency in flavor and nutritional values. Our tea is only sourced from certified USDA Organic ranches.

Field Roasted

I.E. Green Tea takes every step to ensure the flavor, antioxidants and nutrients are kept at their peak by roasting the tea leaves on-site at the ranch, maximizing every sip of your drink. Most other teas are picked in the field, gathered into rooms where they’re allowed to continue to dry and then the leaves are sorted and many times broken, each step along the way robbing the tea of its natural nutritional value.

Spring water brewed

For the cleanest, freshest flavor, we brew I.E. Green Tea using spring water from near our tea ranch and brewed right at the ranch itself. Doing this shortly after roasting provides the best overall flavor for your tea.

Clean ingredients

When you’re looking for a natural energy source, every ingredient matters. We choose the highest quality ingredients for our tea that will provide the best natural, healthy energy source.

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