Why I.E. Green Tea?

Fuel for The Hustle


When you’re at it every day, giving your all, trying to win all day long, you need to be at your best because nobody else will do it for you. You need sustained energy, focus and clarity. You live in the storm, but you’re calm in the middle of it. I.E. Green Tea is powered by green tea, delivering a natural, organic solution that gives you energizing caffeine paired with calming theanine as well as a big boost of antioxidants that help ensure your body is winning the battles its fighting that you don’t even know about.

Intelligent energy

You want a great tasting drink that is convenient, natural and keeps you focused and energized through your day. I.E. Green Tea’s natural caffeine provides a sustained, focused energy without the jitters and crash you get from coffee, soda, or energy drinks. Studies have shown that natural theanine slows caffeine absorption and therefore, prohibits the feeling of anxiety and stress caused by other caffeinated drinks all while fostering a calm, energized focus.

Amazing antioxidants

Everybody knows antioxidants are important in your healthy lifestyle, but very few know how many are in what they eat or drink and how many they really need. I.E. Green Tea has about 300mg of antioxidants and between 180-220mg of EGCG’s in every serving. Since I.E. Green Tea is natural and organic, values can vary, but it’s a huge antioxidant boost! When you’re looking to live a healthy, energized, active life, these are the levels you need every single day. This is why I.E. Green Tea is the right choice for Intelligent Energy.

I.E. means Convenience

Your life is on the move. Morning run, work meetings, shuttling the kids, trying to make your yoga class. You want a convenient drink that tastes great that you can have anytime, anywhere. I.E. Green Tea is easily carried in a pocket, purse, gym bag or in your desk at work. Put it into your cup, refillable bottle, mug or the bottle of water you just picked up when you ran into the convenience store. Hot or cold, doesn’t matter and no need for stirring, shaking, whisking. Our fresh-roasted, farm-brewed liquid tea instantly mixes. Just pour, drink and enjoy.

Organic and fresh

I.E. Green Tea’s USDA Organic certified green tea is picked at our tea ranch, then flash roasted to stop oxidation, the enemy of nutritious tea. After roasting, it is spring-water brewed to provide clean, clear, refreshing flavors.

No Calories, just Intelligent Energy

The sweetness in our flavored varieties comes from all natural sweeteners and flavors. No calories, no sugars. If you’re drinking our natural green tea, it is simply 100% USDA Organic tea that’s been pre-brewed for best flavor and your convenience. In the end, I.E. Green Tea is the intelligent, natural energy source you’ve been looking for to keep you fueled up and focused, all day long.

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