Peach Green Tea - Natural & Organic Liquid Tea Packets (8 servings per box)


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Peach Green Tea (8 servings per box)

Organic peach green tea, an all-natural green tea peach flavor. Our Peach Green Tea is made for the discerning peach tea lover.

Green Tea Peach Flavor.

Made from organic green tea from high altitude tea farms and delicious real peach fruit. Customers often comment that they love finding a peach tea without the sugar! It can be made iced or hot, whichever you prefer.

We test every batch to ensure zero pesticides, heavy metals, mold or fungus are in our tea, so you can feel safe as you drink. Our proprietary brewing method preserves the flavor, aroma and beneficial properties of the organic green tea and peaches and makes it ready for you in seconds.

You won't find any lab-produced artificial flavors in I.E. Green Tea. We use the real thing! Seriously, we dare you to find another peach tea brand that has the unique peach flavor and natural sweetness.

This peach tea has zero sugar, flavorings or preservatives of any kind. Drink it plain, or add a drop of honey for extra sweetness, give it a try!

Instructions: Open our tea packet and then pour it into a 16oz cup of water, hot or cold, simply give it a quick stir and you have instant green tea in seconds.

Try it in your water bottle, take it to work with you or drink it at the gym, it’s the ideal pre workout energizing green tea that gives you that extra push!

Ingredients are organic green tea, natural spring water, natural peach flavor, natural organic citric acid and natural organic stevia to add just a hint of sweetness.

Peach green tea caffeine content is 45 milligrams, lower than Matcha at 56 milligrams. (decaffeinated versions have only trace amounts of caffeine)

We use the highest quality, USDA certified organic green tea leaves and pure spring water to brew I.E. Green Tea’s Peach Green Tea. Every batch of our Peach Green Tea is picked at the peak of freshness and roasted right away to ensure the best flavor possible. 

We use only natural flavors and sweeteners- no chemical aftertaste here. Our Peach Green Tea has a delicious, mildly fruity flavor with just a hint of sweetness provided by natural, organic stevia. 

We do the brewing for you, using a chemical-free brewing process that preserves the beneficial antioxidants found naturally in green tea. Each serving of pre-brewed, concentrated I.E. Peach Green Tea contains an impressive 300mg of antioxidants, so you get all the health benefits without any of the work.

Each packet of I.E. Green Tea makes 16 to 20 ounces of delicious green tea. Simply add our liquid tea concentrate to hot or cold water- no brewing, no hassle, no mess! Use less water if you like it strong, more if you don’t. You can even add it to your yogurt or a smoothie for a quick antioxidant boost.

  • All of the good stuff… none of the bad:

    • Diabetic, keto, and vegan-friendly

    • USDA Certified Organic and natural

    • 300 mg of antioxidants per serving

    • 45 mg of caffeine per serving (decaffeinated version has only trace amounts of caffeine)

    • 8 packets of concentrated, pre-brewed green tea in every box

    • No chemicals, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners

    • No calories, no sugar

I.E. Green Tea’s Peach Green Tea is pure, delicious, antioxidant-rich green tea that provides plant-based energy- anytime, anywhere.

Green Tea With Peach

I.E. Green Tea’s peach green tea is pure, delicious, antioxidant-rich green tea that provides plant-based energy- anytime, anywhere.

Green tea that is natural and organic green tea in instant green tea packets, our green tea is concentrated organic liquid green tea that comes ready to mix with hot or cold water. The ideal green tea packets for water bottles.

We believe this to be the best organic green tea with peach, it contains only organic concentrated peach and our high antioxidant organic liquid green tea, all pre-brewed producing instant green tea that is ready to mix and drink. Try our organic peach green tea today and taste the difference!

Over the past couple of years, many people have woken up to the many benefits of peach green tea. Even with the popularity growing, most people are still unaware of what peach green tea is and how it can significantly improve their health.

Most people reading this article are already familiar with peaches: the juicy, delicious, fuzzy pit fruit that bruises easily.

While you may be partially correct in assuming that peach tea is a flavored drink, the fact is that it is more than that. Whether it is blended with regular tea or herbal tea, made with peachtree leaves or fresh peaches, peach tea offers many health benefits.

If you haven't climbed on to the peach green tea bandwagon yet, we suggest that you read this article to discover what you may be missing out on. "Peach green tea benefits"

Amica Tea LLC Is The Green Tea Company That Produces I.E.Green Tea. We are proud to be a USA based producer of green teas based in Northbrook Illinois