Organic Green Tea Decaf – Why Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Is Best

Organic Green Tea Decaf – Why Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Is Best

Chad AddieJuly 20, 2022

Organic Green Tea Decaf Is Naturally Grown Tea

We are proud to be a 100% organic producer of green tea, this means that we produce all of our tea in a totally organic way. In short terms our tea must be grown, harvested and produced in organic soil, free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

We follow the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) standards every step of the way promoting ecological balance and conserving biodiversity. That means that we use no sewage sludge, no synthetics of any type, in fact every process is totally naturally without artificial growth agents.

This is why organic decaffeinated green tea is best, you are getting all the goodness of natural green tea that is also naturally decaffeinated producing the best decaffeinated green tea for health and wellness.

We produce our naturally decaffeinated green tea organically, resulting in a pure organic decaf green tea that is instant and ready to drink for decaffeinated green tea on the go.

Organic decaf green tea packets

Decaf Green Tea Organic for Instant Decaffeinated Green Tea

Now you can understand why organic is best, there are also reasons why I.E. Decaf green tea is the best green tea for antioxidants on the US market today.

Our green decaf green tea is simply 100% organic green tea decaffeinated, we produce decaf green tea in original (pure organic) Raspberry, Lemon and decaf peach green tea varieties.

Our organic decaffeinated green tea is concentrated and pre made so that green tea drinkers can enjoy instant organic decaf green tea on the go, our teas are probably the highest antioxidant decaf green teas available.

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Brand Comparison Showing Catechins, EGCG’s Caffeine and Process to prepare.

Brand of Green Tea EGCG MG Catechin MG Caffeine MG Process
I.E. Green Tea Caffeinated Packets 111 300 45 Instant Pour/Stir
I.E. Green Tea Decaffeinated Packets 111 300 <20 Instant Pour/Stir
Lipton Pure Green Tea Bags 71 118 40 Tea Bags Hot Brew
Bigelow Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Bags 57 158 5 Tea Bags Hot Brew
Bigelow Green Tea Certified 100% Organic Bags 42 116 24 Tea Bags Hot Brew
Salada Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Bags 37 90 5 Tea Bags Hot Brew
Bigelow Green Tea Classic Bags 25 61 23 Tea Bags Hot Brew
Matcha Source Morning Matcha Classic Organic (1.6 grams) 98 168 56 Sift- Add Hot Water-Whisk

This Green Tea Is Pure Organic Green Tea That Is a Decaffeinated Green Tea.

What makes our USDA Certified decaffeinated green tea so special is that we use only hand-picked tea from sheltered mountainous regions using young barely ripe tea plants grown in the shade.

We gently process the tea, bringing out that natural flavor that people have been enjoying for centuries, our decaffeination process is gentle and retains all of the healthy vitamin’s minerals, EGCG’s and catechins that make I.E. Green Tea the best.

Our teas are available in natural organic flavor, lemon, Peach and decaf raspberry green tea varieties all pre-made and ready to simply mix with water and drink, it really is that easy – organic instant green teas that come in decaffeinated or caffeinated packs.

Our ready to drink organic green tea is not harsh, doesn’t taste grassy, has a delicate flavor which is easy to drink as hot green tea, cold or iced green tea with no sifting or brewing.

Our tea is easy and pleasurable to drink and you will enjoy the whole cup or glass whether you choose caffeinated or our organic decaf green tea packets.

Instant Organic Decaf Green Tea

Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Packets

We use green tea packets that are sealed fresh from harvest to protect your tea, so you can simply open, mix with water and enjoy the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and aroma of I.E Green Tea anywhere you go!

Our green tea is sugar free, has no chemicals and no additives, is gluten free, 100% organic and Kosher friendly, ideal for diabetics, and those on paleo and Keto diets.

Purely fresh peak of harvest green tea from shade sheltered camelia sensis plants grown on mineral rich mountain ranches.

Decaffeinated Organic Green Tea Ingredients

  1. Decaffeinated organic green tea
  2. Natural Spring Water
  3. That’s it!

Our decaffeinated green tea uses a proprietary decaffeination process to remove most of the caffeine from our decaf green teas.

Very few green teas are caffeine free teas, the process to completely remove caffeine from tea would likely also remove many beneficial vitamins and minerals.

I.E decaffeinated green produces a pleasant light tea flavor that is smooth and as rich in taste as it’s caffeinated counterpart.


I.E. decaffeinated teas go through a natural CO2 extraction process, this process maintains tea flavor and antioxidant levels. Our teas are sourced from the Wu Yi mountains of China.


Hot decaf green tea

  1. Bring fresh water to just under the boiling point.
  2. Add one tea packet to one 8oz cup of hot water.
  3. Stir gently to mix the tea with the water
  4. Sip and enjoy intelligent energy organic tea.

For cold or iced green tea repeat the process using cold or iced water.

The perfect decaffeinated green tea in an instant! Retaining the pure organic goodness of young green tea leaves with lower caffeine. Our USDA certified organic decaf green tea offers a full but easy flavor and body.

Green tea varieties decaf organic

Using our water (CO2) decaffeination process ensures a rich and vegetal flavor, the organic tea leaf flavor bursts through in a pleasant easy to drink manner.

Our decaffeination process does not involve the use of any chemicals, so the result is simply a concentrated healthy organic decaf tea with most of the caffeine removed with no chemical after taste.


Is there such a thing as organic decaffeinated green tea?

Yes, there are many decaffeinated organic green teas. I.E decaf varieties contain less than 55% of the caffeine found in our caffeinated varieties, our decaffeinated teas also contain the equivalent nutrients of 12 cups of Bigelow decaffeinated green tea.

This means that you would have only 60mg of caffeine for the equivalent servings of one green tea packet from I.E Green Tea which contains less than 20mg of caffeine.

Our natural decaffeination process removes over 55% of the caffeine without effecting the taste or the natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other healthy compounds found in green tea.

Is there a caffeine-free green tea?

We are not aware of any caffeine-free green teas, it is worth noting that decaffeinated green teas will still contain some caffeine, but in a much lower quantity. If you are sensitive to caffeine, it may still affect you.

Does decaf green tea have antioxidants?

Yes our decaf green teas retain all of the antioxidants and other natural vitamins and minerals, both our decaf and caffeinated green tea varieties contain the same amounts of EGCG’s, Antioxidants and Catechin’s.

I.E. decaffeinated green teas contain 111mg of EGCG polyphenol (epigallocatechin gallate) 300mg Catechin, and 300mg Antioxidants in every serving.

What are Decaffeinated Teas?

All teas except herbal teas come from the same plant (camelia sensis) which naturally contains caffeine. The term decaffeinated means that most of the caffeine is removed but not all. The term caffeine free (although we do not know of any caffeine-free green teas) means tea without caffeine.

We use a natural organic CO2 and water process in our decaf green tea. We believe this to be the safest most organic decaffeination process that retails the flavor and health benefits of green tea.

When you see a product that is caffeine free it is usually not a true tea, but herbal tea made from plants that never contained tea (camelia sensis) in the first place.

Is Green Tea Caffeine the Same as Black Tea Caffeine?

Green tea caffeine is the same caffeine; however, many green tea drinkers will tell you that it does not seem to give the caffeine highs and low’s that traditional teas and coffee produce. The difference is likely the way that green tea is produced, products like Matcha and the best green teas are taken from young barely ripe tea leaves.

Other teas are usually produced from mature plants that appear to effect how powerful the effects of the caffeine appear to tea drinkers.

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