Green Tea Packets - Why Tea Packets are Best

Green Tea Packets - Why Tea Packets are Best

Chad AddieJune 28, 2022

Green Tea Packets from IE. Green Tea are tea packets that provide a way to enjoy instant green tea, these tea packets are easy to use, you just simply open the tea packet and pour into hot or cold water. Ideal for instant iced green tea.

Green tea Packets

Instant green tea packets

Green tea packets are instant, the tea is harvested at the peak of freshness from young green tea plants (Camellia sinensis plants) which is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the flowering plant family Theaceae. Its leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea.

The green tea is picked from young plants which is the same process that is used for Matcha green tea. The tea is then instantly brewed with fresh spring water and sealed in packets to retain the flavor and all those free radical fighting antioxidants EGCG’s and catechins.

This process allows us to pack more of these green tea nutrients into one single packet than you will find in any green tea bag or even most servings of matcha green tea making I.E. Green Tea’s packets the highest antioxidant green tea available today, and all in instant green tea packets.

Iced tea packets? Well, we do not advocate that you freeze our tea packets, but pour into iced water and you have instant iced green tea ready to drink.
Instant green tea packets

Instant Tea Packets Are Ideal for Green Tea on The Go

Our green tea packets also known as green tea sachets are individual tea packets packed with natural goodness that can be consumed anywhere at any time, this really is instant green tea on the go.

Antioxidant loaded tea packets that are healthy and full of minerals and vitamins essential to the body’s natural immune system.

Many people use our teas to make hot green tea (hot tea packets) others find them to be the perfect green tea packets for weight loss tea packets for water bottles or simply tea packets for water hot, cold or iced. So much easier to use than matcha mix.

Instant Iced Tea Packets Great for Parties and Cocktails.

We have recipes for cocktails and green tea martini’s instant green tea is perfect for green tea cocktails you can see our recipes here.

Green Tea Martini from Green Tea Packets
As the producer of the best instant green tea in green tea single packets we pride ourselves on the quality of our teas, simply put our mission is to provide our customers new and old with the best green tea packets.

Our green tea is also a keto green tea and a diabetic green tea, this is because our tea contains no sugar, no calories and no carbohydrates.

Available as lemon packets for tea or lemon green tea packets, peach green tea packets for instant peach tea and perhaps our favourite raspberry green tea packets, our raspberry tea packets are perfect for instant raspberry tea on the go.

Instant Green Tea Packets Available in Citrus Flavours, Lemon, Peach & Raspberry.

Peach green tea packets

Green tea to go packets also called green tea water packets.

We produce the very best tea packets containing organic instant green tea that is high in antioxidants and comes in a variety of flavors caffeinated or decaf the choice is yours!

Decaf Organic Green Tea Packets.

You have the same choice with our decaffeinated green tea as you do with caffeinated varieties, original instant green tea, instant lemon tea, instant peach tea or instant raspberry tea, our flavored green tea packets are slightly sweetened with natural stevia keeping our green tea 100% organic and pure.

Caffeinated Green Tea Packets.

Caffeine in green tea is not as harsh as coffee or black tea, it still gives you that caffeine boost but doesn’t have the usual side effects often associated with coffee and black teas.

Raspberry Green Tea Packets.

green tea raspberry

Our raspberry green tea packets are made with pure organic green tea from young green tea plants in mineral rich soil, this is then roasted and brewed with pure spring water.

Raspberry tea packets are slightly sweetened with natural organic stevia to ensure that our raspberry tea is 100% organic and natural green tea.

Peach Iced Tea Packets

Pech iced tea packetsPeach green tea packets.

Our peach green tea is green tea brewed with peaches and ensures that people get the best benefits of both worlds.

Peach fruit tea is another very popular beverage in the world of teas. It is mainly prepared using fruits, aka peaches, blended with other teas like regular green tea. This is natural peach green tea in green tea packets.