Green Tea Can Combat Food Allergies

Green Tea Can Combat Food Allergies

Clay RiversApril 11, 2020

Can Green Tea combat Allergies?


Fortunately, for natural green tea lovers, the known and suspected health benefits of pure green tea continue to increase. I.E. Green Tea is a proven high antioxidant green tea with at least 300mg of antioxidants per serving that is a liquid, pre-brewed all natural green tea. Our high antioxidant green tea comes in convenient, tea packets that easily and quickly disperse in either hot or cold water and I.E. Green Tea is especially good in sparkling water. 


On top of the clear health benefits of our I.E. Green Tea pure green tea, we also have all natural green tea with slightly sweet fruit flavors: peach green tea, lemon green tea, and raspberry green tea. Our flavored green teas are slightly sweetened with stevia that is especially prepared for use with our all natural green tea. We believe ours is not only the best green tea but also the best antioxidant green tea because all of our green teas are delicious, have more antioxidants than any other green tea beverage on the market today, and all are completely calorie-free!


Read on to learn more about the health benefits of green tea: 


From the Gulf Today Report

“If you are a tea lover, there is good news as researchers have revealed that consuming green tea can help combat food allergies. 


A food allergy occurs when your immune system overreacts to a food or a substance in a food. The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, found that drinking green tea increases the abundance of gut bacteria that helps suppress allergic immune responses.

For the findings, the research team at the Shinshu University in Japan looked at green tea and the abundance of Flavonifractor plautii (FP) bacteria found in the gut. 


FP has been reported to be a part of the catechin metabolism in the intestines. Catechin is an antioxidant found in a variety of foods, including green tea, of which 30 to 42 per cent of its dry weight is catechin. The researchers found that oral administration of FP strongly suppresses the Th2 immune response to food allergies.

The food we eat effects the complex cocktail of different strains of bacteria in the gut, they said.

Drinking green tea increases the abundance of FP (Flavonifractor plautii), which suppresses the Th2 immune response. FP is a strain of the Clostridia family of bacteria, which is known to have effects on the immune system, notably inhibiting inflammation.

According to the study, some clostridia strains show promise of lowering blood pressure and some are known to be abundant in lean people and not in heavier people, leading researchers to believe they can be used to regulate weight. 


However, the researchers noted that more studies are needed to look into the safety of FP before it can be used as a probiotic to treat allergies.”



Obviously, we cannot claim that consuming I.E. Green Tea will solve any food allergy problems you may have but we are confident that I.E. Green Tea holds more antioxidants per serving than any other green tea drink on the market, or any other drink period. Adding I.E. Green Tea to your diet can only prove beneficial and, because it comes in convenient liquid, pre-brewed, tea packets, I.E. Green Tea is extremely convenient and can be carried with you virtually anywhere. Our pure, unsweetened green tea is great for green tea lovers and for those who like a little sweetness and fruit flavor, we offer slightly sweet, fruit flavored green tea: peach green tea, lemon green tea, and raspberry green tea.


I.E. Green Tea is a condensed, liquid green tea that disperses easily in hot water, cold water, or sparkling water – using our fruit flavored green tea with sparkling water in place of diet sodas is clearly a smart choice. Not only will you enjoy a refreshing drink but you will also get the benefits of the best antioxidant green tea on the market. If you’re partial to the occasional mimosa or Bellini, try I.E. Green Tea with your sparkling wine for a healthy twist – our peach green tea is tailor made for a “healthy” Bellini, lemon green tea makes for a unique take on mimosas, and our raspberry green tea with sparkling wine is just plain good.


Our green tea is also great as a flavor enhancer for cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt and will boost the healthful benefits of those choices by adding 300mg of antioxidants. I.E. Green Tea pure, unsweetened green tea can be added to virtually any drink or food item to increase valuable dietary antioxidants. Of course, I.E. Green Tea’s peach green tea, lemon green tea, and raspberry green tea make for great additions to any drink or food item that can benefit from bit of sweetness and fruit flavor.