Detox with Green Tea

Tea is like the sweetest dew from heaven.” – Lu Yu, from “Cha Ching, the Classic of Tea, Origins and Rituals” (c. 780 a.d.)

As we ring in the new year with libations, some of us turn to resolutions in which we vow to take better care of our bodies and may even look to detoxify from a long holiday season celebrating with family. Did you know that green tea is a great way to support liver health and our bodies own natural detoxification processes? Our liver is the major organ responsible for detoxification of our body. The results from this study “… suggested that green tea intake is a protective factor for liver diseases”.

This holiday season, make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones by celebrating responsibly. For those that might have overdone it, consider Organic I.E. Green Tea loaded with 300mg of Antioxidants per packet for detoxification support.

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